The healthy foods, sports, saving from stress as much as possible and regular sleeping are primary activities to be needed by our bodies.

The ideal weight is the fine consequence of those activities and it changes from person to person.

On the other hand, it requires a serious discipline to maintain the ideal weight after it is reached following a weight loss and gain. It may need to change the diet, sleeping and even the social habits, completely. Making the sports a part of your life is a requirement for a healthy and fit body.  


The consumption of excessively saturated fat, salt, sugar and carbohydrate are supportive to gain weight excessively. All kinds of boiled or uncooked vegetables, seasonal fresh fruits, grain, grilled white or red meat, legume to be used for nutrition will provide the sufficient food for your body. Additionally, the detox that you may prepare after consulting with your medical doctor will keep you dynamic and help to save yourselves from toxic. It is also crucial for your body to consume liquid, especially water. ​

The peanut contains vitamin A, E, C together with rich ferrous, calcium, copper and magnesium. The peanut decreasing the risk for stomach cancer maintains the skin health, is good for heart and supports general health with its antioxidant feature.

​Our bodies can quickly transform the single unsaturated fats in the Pury peanut butter into energy. The Pury does not contain salt, sugar, and it has high rate of fibre. Pury contains no animal product and it is made from domestic harvest of peanut. 

What is Pury; What does contain? (Nat&Nut)

Pury sub-brand is for people who are aware of the importance of qualified and natural foods for a healthy life. The product that contains no animal originated substance and as a 100% natural peanut production took its place in the market with its high protein ratio. Pury does not contain salt or sugar, it is produced just from peanut and presented in 750 and 400 gram airtight glass jar.

100 g of Pury contains;

  • ​29,3g Protein

  • 610/2400 Energy (kcal/kj)

  • 6,1 Carbohydrate

  • 55,9 g Fat

  • 8,5g Fibre