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The peanut butter contains vitamin E that is a very powerful antioxidant, prevents the cell form from degradation and makes the skin more beautiful. There are 3 milligrams of Vitamin E in a few tablespoon of peanut butter. Even some researches indicated that the vitamin E reduces the risks of heart diseases and others like Alzheimer. ​

At the same time, it also contains approximately 49 milligram magnesium, 210 milligram potassium and many kinds of vitamins. All play a crucial role for a healthy body care. According to a research team in Harvard Nurses Health, consumption of 5 or more tablespoons or peanut in a week reduces the diabetics 21%.

What is Pury; What does contain? (Nat&Nut)

Pury sub-brand is for people who are aware of the importance of qualified and natural foods for a healthy life. The product that contains no animal originated substance and as a 100% natural peanut production took its place in the market with its high protein ratio. Pury does not contain salt or sugar, it is produced just from peanut and presented in 750 and 400 gram airtight glass jar.

100 g of Pury contains;

  • ​29,3g Protein

  • 610/2400 Energy (kcal/kj)

  • 6,1 Carbohydrate

  • 55,9 g Fat

  • 8,5g Fibre